Scientific Content Development

Our seasoned writers and reviewers possess many years of experience in delivering high-quality, balanced scientific documents, and take pride in adhering to “on-time” delivery.  Consisting primarily of PharmDs and PhDs, Med Communications’ writers are proficient in creating scientific content for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Our clients also benefit from the watchful eyes of our team of editors, who ensure consistency across client documents, adherence to established style and format, and proper grammar and punctuation. Language capabilities include English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The writers employed by Med Communications have expertise in the following areas:

  • Global and local standard response strategy, development, and maintenance
  • FAQ development
  • AMCP formulary dossier and global value dossier development and maintenance
  • AHRQ and compendia submissions
  • SOP content development
  • Slide deck development and review
  • Formulary kits
  • Clinical executive summary development and maintenance
  • Dear Health Care Provider letters
  • Promotional material review
  • Medical affairs consulting

  • Medical devices

  • Publications Writing
    • Primary and secondary research manuscripts
    • Congress abstracts, posters, and slide decks for oral presentations
    • Newsletters, sponsored journals, and congress reports
    • Narrative reviews
    • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
    • Journal supplements

  • Drug monograph creation
  • Data on file packet development and maintenance
  • Scientific content translation
  • Sales training materials creation, review, and delivery
  • Infographics

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With over 20 years of medical affairs experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, Med Communications has emerged as a leading medical affairs service provider.
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How Medical Writing And Scientific Content Development Can Benefit Your Company

Medical writers are essential in many ways because of their abilities to communicate important information to the scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and consumer communities. At Med Communications, our medical writing and scientific content development help to answer consumer questions and bridge the gaps between those communities. Output from medical writers is often used in media as diverse as medical journals, news outlets, research proposals and patient information brochures. 

Types of Medical Writing

Regulatory and educational writing are two areas where medical writers often lend their expertise. Regulatory medical writing addresses informational documentation for agencies that require consent forms, clinical study information, patient consent forms and summaries of clinical information. The work is detailed and must conform to certain government or other agency standards.

Educational writing mostly focuses on those in the medical profession and includes a variety of subjects and formats. Medical educational writing can include course materials for health professionals, medical articles, conference material, and even medical sales literature. Medical writers who focus on educational writing must have knowledge in an array of health-related subjects. Their audience may be medical professionals or consumers, depending on the project.

Where Medical / Scientific Expertise and Excellent Communication Skills Meet

The need for professional medical writers is increasing as the need for information is high. Consumers are savvier when it comes to asking for documentation, and there are more clinical trials, medical research projects and scientific breakthroughs as we move forward into the 21st-century. One of the specialties of our medical writers is the ability to write and develop concise, clear and accurate scientific documents that meet your needs.

Medical writers often hold a master’s degree, PharmD or PhD in the Life Sciences, as well as being able to write well. Their writing must have the right voice depending on their targeted audience, and they must be concise, straightforward and unbiased. Our medical writers have the ability to translate scientific and medical information into language that the average consumer can understand, which makes their skill set very important for your marketing efforts.

Clinical writing is an important aspect of medical writing that involves the ability to evaluate and summarize clinical research in a clear manner while paying close attention to the details. Medical writers are also responsible for producing global value dossiers, which are product documents written to help medical professionals evaluate the product and how it works.

Our medical writers have wide-ranging experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and communications fields. We can assist you with your medical writing needs, whether it’s a complicated clinical executive summary or a patient-friendly brochure. We will ensure that your medical and scientific content development is completed in a timely and professional manner.