A Case Study: Patient-Focused Content

Med Communications has many happy clients, and in our series of case studies, we’ll be talking about some of our long-term clients, the challenges we face alongside them, and how we help them be more efficient, increase the quality of their calls and documents, and use the efficiency and the scalability we offer to meet their budgetary needs.

This case study focuses on a biotech client with US and global launch plans under an Emergency Use Authorization.

Read our case study below for more information.

Patient-Focused Content

Med Communications partnered with a nonprofit organization to help them produce clear, concise patient education resources.


Client: US-based nonprofit organization dedicated to funding lymphoma research and providing evidence-based education and resource support services to patients and their caregivers, families, and healthcare providers.

Med Communications supports the client with content creation of new documents and annual updates of existing content to ensure that information shared across platforms is scientifically accurate and up to date.


The development of patient-focused medical content requires delicate and skillful attention to detail. Scientifically complex data need to be presented with vocabulary tailored to the understanding of both scientific and non-scientific audiences. In addition, technical or medical terms need to be simplified using clear, concise, and easy to understand words. These writing projects often involve multiple stakeholders, and excellent project management skills are of utmost importance to ensure efficient process flow and execution of quality deliverables.


Leveraging the expertise of Med Communications’ Scientific Content Development and Review team, the client has consistently
delivered high quality content to diverse target audiences. The team, consisting of highly skilled scientific writers and graphic designers with expertise in diverse therapeutic areas, is well versed at analyzing, summarizing, and simplifying complex scientific data and medical terms for easy understanding. The Scientific Content team is actively engaged in the annual development, review and update of existing lymphoma disease treatment guides and topic fact sheets. Med Communications also assists the client with ad-hoc administrative services such as coordinating with multiple stakeholders including project sponsors, key opinion leaders, and project printing and shipping vendors. We ensure the client is well supported with end-to-end communications services to maintain and deliver their vast portfolio of lymphoma disease content to their unique audience.

Business Impact

The client’s partnership with Med Communications allows for delivery of highly engaging and relevant content that consistently meets the need to provide quality education and resources to the community affected by lymphoma disease. As advances in the lymphoma field evolve, Med Communications is strategically positioned to help the client continue to be a leading advocate for patients with lymphoma disease by ensuring that the information shared across its platforms is relevant, accurate, and up to date.