Promotional Review

Med Communications now offers Medical Affairs and Commercial Review services to handle your review responsibilities. Our expert team of consultants are here to ensure your review documents are prompt and medically accurate. Our list of deliverables include:

  • Medical affairs documents
  • Promotional materials
  • References
  • Print and other types of media
  • Sales training documents
  • Product information for websites
  • Core visual aids
  • Speaker decks
  • Patient brochures
  • Learning modules
  • Internal use documents

Our medical promotional review (PR) services are divided into three services tailored to your company’s individual needs.

  • General reference review, approval, and formatting. As your agency partners are creating or updating promotional materials, new references are always being used and our reviewers can take the burden of reference review, vetting, and citation formatting off of your already overstressed medical reviewers. Our team ensures the proposed references are the most current versions from reputable medical journals and the quality of articles reflects the processes and procedures you currently have in place and that the citations are formatted properly based on your preferred style of citing references.
  • Medical QA/fact check review process: This process incorporates our review team into the review cycle of your projects either through a standalone account or as a delegate of the medical reviewer (reader will be familiar with this process if working in VEEVA). Our review team will do a medical QA/fact check review prior to the review of your internal medical reviewer and this review will focus on the very detailed parts of the review that may normally bog down the review process for your internal reviewers. The medical QA/fact check review consists of: verifying all data points, charts, graphs, figures (ensuring all figures include titles, legends, defined axes, etc.), checking links and anchors to verify all items are accurately supported and referenced appropriately, and verifying that all references are accurately cited and formatted per your guidelines. This process has some flexibility and can accommodate most specific review needs you may have.
  • Dedicated medical reviewer: The dedicated medical reviewer can represent your medical team in the promotional review committee meetings. This reviewer will be responsible for all of the same tasks/meetings that are required for your internal medical reviewers and can be fully integrated as a member of the promotional review team/committee.