The 10th Annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference – DIA 2016

The 10th Annual European Medical Information and Communications Conference is in Berlin, Germany on November 29-30, 2016. Med Communications will be attending and exhibiting at Booth # 13. As described by the conference’s website, “This is a unique meeting organized by medical information professionals for medical information professionals.” We are proud to have our own Senior Director of Global Medical Services, Isha Bhattacharyya, on the Program Committee for this DIA conference. The conference provides a great opportunity to network with other medical information professionals and participate in interactive workshops with speakers who share their hands-on experience, challenges, and best practices.

The conference will have 2 full days of sessions on Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, November 30. Isha will be chairing Session 3, Bringing Innovation to the Customer, which will take place from 2 to 3:30 pm on November 29 and will feature three speakers. There will also be an exhibit area both days, on Tuesday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm and Wednesday from 8 am to 3 pm, when we will be giving away an iPad Mini! We look forward to seeing everyone then.

We’ll be posting updates on Twitter and using the conference hashtag and @DrugInfoAssn, so stay in touch and follow us @MEDCommInc.

“Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine” – American Pharmacists Month (#APhM)

October has been designated by the American Pharmacists Association as American Pharmacists Month (#APhM), the month to celebrate pharmacists in all practice settings. The theme of the month is “Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine.” The impact that pharmacists have on health care is driven by the vast knowledge they have to offer about medications. The medical affairs services offered by Med Communications provide the foundation for the communication between consumers and health care providers. Each day at Med Communications, pharmacists and other medical professionals interact with consumers who want to know more about their medications and with health care providers who want to learn more about the medications they prescribe, administer, and manage for patients. As drug information experts, pharmacists are also able to support clinical development and scientific content development on a global scale.

Medication use is a serious topic, but American Pharmacists Month is also a time to celebrate the pharmacist with various fun and engaging activities in the work place and the community!

Enjoy this time with colleagues and reserve some time to reflect on all of the hard work pharmacists put in to advance the health care profession.

October is American Pharmacists Month

In honor of American Pharmacists Month (APhM), it is important to pause and recognize that pharmacists are a critical component of the healthcare industry. A pharmacist’s role in healthcare encompasses much more than drug education, vaccination, and medication dispensing. The role of a pharmacist has the capacity to extend further into the design, evaluation, and development of medications.2

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),1 pharmacists offer expertise in formulation development, an expansive knowledge base of pharmaceutical sciences, and qualifications to interpret diverse forms of information. Pharmacists have the skills, knowledge, and experience to contribute to patent applications, research and development projects, medication manufacturing, and postmarketing surveillance of medications. Furthermore, pharmacists (such as the pharmacists at Med Communications) have the knowledge and capability to provide detailed medical information, pertinent medical literature, and much more to healthcare professionals and to the general public.

Every October is American Pharmacists Month, so use this month to appreciate the contributions that pharmacists at Med Communications and other companies make every day.

1 World Health Organization. 4.4 Industrial pharmacy (the pharmaceutical industry). 1994. Accessed October 12, 2016.

2 Saleh GB, Rezk NL, Laika L, et. al. “Pharmacist, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy education in Saudi Arabia: a questionnaire-based study.” Saudi Pharm J. 2015;23.5: 573. Accessed October 12, 2016.

Sharon Bathory Attending the 2016 Argus User Group Meeting

The Argus Users Group meeting 2016 will be held in Philadelphia, PA on October 6-7, 2016. Sharon Bathory, Director of Pharmacovigilance Services, will be attending on behalf of Med Communications. This user group meeting explores many topics of relevance to those using Argus or considering the use of Argus. Foresight Group International AG, a Med Communications partner for our pharmacovigilance services, is hosting the event.

The Argus User Group meeting is an opportunity for the Argus user community to discuss business and technical challenges related to pharmacovigilance with like-minded practitioners. Session options range from the broad, “PV and the Future,” to those specific to Argus implementation and configuration.

Sharon will be representing Med Communications, learning more about the Argus platform, and networking with other pharmacovigilance professionals.

A Case Study: Scalability Delivers Client Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving market, adjusting to product support needs while meeting budgetary requirements are among today’s global medical affairs concerns. Efficient use of time and resources allows a quick response to client needs. Med Communications provides a case study demonstrating proven success providing a Top 10 pharmaceutical organization with scalability and increased efficiency. With this client’s growing pipeline, there was a need for high-quality service and flexible staffing models. Med Communications expanded product and service offerings to the entire portfolio of the client’s products worldwide, creating a successful long-term partnership.

See our case study below for more information.

MedComm-Case Study-Scalability Delivers Client Solution

A Focus on Publications Writing

Scientific Content Development is one of the four pillars of services we offer at Med Communications. This encompasses many types of medical information documents: congress abstracts, posters, and slide decks for oral presentations; newsletters, sponsored journals, and congress reports; narrative reviews; systematic reviews and meta-analyses, journal supplements (comprehensive list available here). Our experienced team of medical writers excels in developing scientific publications that accurately report clinical study results and findings for use by healthcare professionals around the world.

For example, our PhD and PharmD writing team provides comprehensive writing and review of primary and secondary research manuscripts as well as word reduction, submission to journals, pre-submission inquiry letters and cover letters, correspondence with journal editors, and adherence to the journal’s editorial requirements.

Our writers are trained in Good Publication Practices (GPP3) and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) standards, and we work with our partners at Top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to abide by international and local standards as well as individual company policies. For a trusted Publications Writing partner, contact Isha Bhattacharyya for more information.

Customer Centric Medical Information Conference – Boston, MA

The 3rd Annual Customer Centric Medical Information Conference was held in Boston, MA on July 25-26, 2016. Stacy Witham, Senior Inquiry Medical Information Specialist, attended on behalf of Med Communications.

The two-day event featured sessions presented by those working in Medical Information from across the pharma landscape, making it an effective venue for discovering what is working for many organizations and where we can all bring greater value to our customers.. Transforming medical information content, using metrics in MI to drive value, and updates to the AMCP dossier standard were just a few of the topics discussed.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Many companies are moving to a centralized global model for medical affairs.
  2. Conveying medical information through video chat conferencing continues to evolve and was a much discussed topic.
  3. Guidelines for promotional review continue to become more stringent. Companies should remain vigilant when summarizing all claims from clinical trials.

For more information on key takeaways from the conference or how we can help you create or manage your MI function, please contact Stacy directly.

CBI’s Global Medical Information and Communications Summit – Europe 2016

CBI’s Global Medical Information and Communications Summit was held in Barcelona, Spain on June 22- 23, 2016. Isha Bhattacharyya, Senior Director, Global Medical Services attended on behalf of Med Communications.

The two-day event featured sessions covering off-label medical information (MI), global MI frameworks, and case studies about MI in companies across the globe. Isha was able to attend many of these sessions and offers the following summary of the state of global MI.

The European market for global MI, including contact centers, is rapidly evolving. Global MI frameworks are increasingly important for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as the need for consistent medical messaging is critical for appropriate usage of their products. Many companies are discovering that outsourcing their first-line medical information queries can be an efficient use of resources. This allows their staff to focus on other activities that may be perceived to bring more value to the company. By extension, allowing a specialized vendor to create their database of standard medical information responses, especially for a launch product when timelines are tight, can be an effective proposition.

For more information on key learnings from the conference or how we can help you create or manage your MI function, please contact Isha directly.

Stacy Witham Attending the Customer Centric Medical Information Conference

Stacy Witham will be attending the Customer Centric Medical Information Conference on July 25-26, 2016 in Boston, MA on behalf of Med Communications, Inc. This two-day conference has a variety of sessions presented by those working in Medical Information from across the Pharma landscape, making it a great venue for finding out what others are doing and where we can bring greater value to our customers. Stacy will be attending sessions about transforming medical information content, using metrics in MI to drive value, and updates to the AMCP dossier standard. She will also network on behalf of Med Communications to promote our services to existing and new clients, including our medical writing services.

Welcome to our new Fellows Melanie Shelton and Randall Johnson

After a highly competitive application and selection process, Med Communications is proud to present our two new fellows for the 2016-2017 year. We chose them because they exemplified the Med Communications integrity goals in the interview process, had excellent analytic skills in the onsite presentation of a recent journal article, and graduated with high scholastic achievement. They are both excited to start their fellowship with the expectations of improving their communication skills and becoming experts in Medical Affairs at the completion of the fellowship year. Med Communications is very happy to have them with us.

Randall Johnson is from Dallas, Texas, and graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy in May 2016. Randall has a strong clinical background and worked as a pharmacy intern in a clinical and community setting throughout pharmacy school. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the movies, reading, and participating with community service projects.

Melanie Shelton is from Clarksdale, Mississippi. She graduated with a BS in Chemistry from Jackson State University and is a May 2016 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. Melanie has also worked in clinical and community pharmacies. She was a former student on rotation at Med Comm. In her spare time, she enjoys bowling, traveling, and outdoor activities.

For more information on our Fellowship Program, see our Fellowship page or contact