CBI’s Global Medical Information and Communications Summit – Europe 2016

CBI’s Global Medical Information and Communications Summit was held in Barcelona, Spain on June 22- 23, 2016. Isha Bhattacharyya, Senior Director, Global Medical Services attended on behalf of Med Communications.

The two-day event featured sessions covering off-label medical information (MI), global MI frameworks, and case studies about MI in companies across the globe. Isha was able to attend many of these sessions and offers the following summary of the state of global MI.

The European market for global MI, including contact centers, is rapidly evolving. Global MI frameworks are increasingly important for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as the need for consistent medical messaging is critical for appropriate usage of their products. Many companies are discovering that outsourcing their first-line medical information queries can be an efficient use of resources. This allows their staff to focus on other activities that may be perceived to bring more value to the company. By extension, allowing a specialized vendor to create their database of standard medical information responses, especially for a launch product when timelines are tight, can be an effective proposition.

For more information on key learnings from the conference or how we can help you create or manage your MI function, please contact Isha directly.

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