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Med Communications is a premier medical affairs firm with a staff of residency-trained, industry-experienced PharmD specialists who are skilled in the delivery of high-level, peer-to-peer interaction with healthcare professionals and providers. Medical information professional staff members are proficient in the Safe Harbor clause and its implications in industry practice.  Our multilingual staff is accessible via phone, fax, email, web chat, web call back, video conferencing, or mobile device for any customer service. Language capabilities include English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The call experience is managed by down-to-the-minute detail in an environment where, regardless of phone transfer, our onscreen communications technology means customers never have to repeat information.

Med Communications provides high-quality controls through continual education across the entire staff. This ensures an in-depth ability to identify and handle compliance-related issues, from an adverse event and product quality perspective. Our staff also has experience managing product complaint communications with external customers according to established criteria, regarding product replacement.

Medical information reports provide our partner companies with strategic information regarding the positioning of their products.

Every team at Med Communications is an highly trained “A” team, providing exceptional, quality medical information services and ensuring our role as a timely, evidence-based resource to our clients.

  • Global, multilingual, and multimedia contact center services
  • Adverse events and product complaint intake and reporting
  • Clinical trial support – enrollment, recruitment, initial screening, and site referral
  • Expanded access, Named Patient, and Compassionate Use programs
  • Consumer support
  • Branded product support
  • Medical devices

  • Library services-
    • searches and summaries
    • article retrieval and copyright clearance via client database
    • monthly/ weekly literature alerts
    • therapeutic area and product bibliographies

  • Medical review of promotional materials
  • Life science consulting

  • Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

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Medical information provided in written formats is essential to the success of the pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmaceutical companies invest a considerable amount of resources internally and externally communicating information about the products they discover, research, and eventually if successful in gaining approval, produce and market to the health care industry for patient care.  While much of this information is prepared for video and audio use, the majority of drug product information provided occurs in different written formats.Scientific written content involving prescription drugs (before and following approval for use in consumers) in the US and other countries begins with and involves data collection during clinical research trials for presentation at professional meetings, publication in the medical literature, use in the final preparations for drug product approval, use in medical related newsletter and journal announcements and for use as print media material.  The majority of clinical trial work is monitored by the FDA in the US in concert with the pharmaceutical companies pursuing the approval of the products the companies hope to manufacture and distribute.  The writings involved in research design, monitoring, and data collection in appropriate patient populations include an extensive number of documents prepared by research organizations, independent research groups, companies who monitor the research, and the companies themselves.  On average it takes about 10 years of research and development for a pharmaceutical company to achieve prescription drug approval.  In 2018, there were 59 new drug therapies approved, an all-time annual high.  Companies point to emerging opportunities for biological drugs including antibodies and therapeutic vaccines.

The approval of prescription drugs for general use in the population marks the beginning of drug prescribing and use by consumers that hopefully provides better treatment options than what was previously the case or sometimes fills the void where no such product existed for certain medical conditions.

After product approval a considerable amount of medical writing occurs.  Much of this writing is outsourced by the pharmaceutical companies. One of the major reasons for such is the need to access the skill of experienced medical writers with expertise in one or more specific clinical areas. Medical writing projects typically outsourced include the preparation of SRDs (Standard Response Documents), FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) R, AMCP and Global Value Dossiers, Product manuscript development and/or Review, Slide Deck and Brochure Content development, and Data Validation via Promotional Review  for use in finalizing drug information to be released into the public domain..  Our medical writers have a wide range of experience in medical and pharmaceutical areas. The goal of our scientific content specialist team is to provide actual content and related assistance in a timely and professional manner.

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