Increase efficiency with a searchable online standard response database

Implementing a self-service website for HCPs with a searchable online database of standard responses is a growing service for the pharmaceutical Medical Information area. The database allows HCPs to easily find medical information for a company’s products 24 hours a day, seven days a week. User-friendly, immediate access to medical information can provide greater HCP customer satisfaction. A searchable standard responses database can also increase contact center productivity and efficiency and reduce costs associated with handling various medical information inquiries. Giving HCPs the ability to find the answers to more simple searches frees up contact center employees to focus on more complex and involved medical information inquiries.

While some pharmaceutical companies work with their IT teams to build, license, implement, and integrate their software and systems in delivery of a searchable standard response database for their HCP customers, our outsourcing partnership can provide seamless and more cost-effective solutions. To best serve our clients, Med Communications works in tandem with leading technology experts to create, launch, and support searchable standard response databases for our clients and their HCPs. Using gold standard technology, our partners provide an intuitive customer experience in searchable databases for medical information contact center agents and a customer relationship management system for tracking customer medical information inquiries.

Med Communications coordinates the technical work for our contact center clients, including creation, launch, and support of the searchable online database. The client chooses which of the standard responses will be searchable online and determines the look and feel of the customer interface website. Implementation is done in real time whenever an approved new or updated standard response is available.

Outsourcing a searchable standard response database to a trusted and reliable partner allows pharmaceutical companies to focus on their most critical activities. If your company could benefit from a searchable standard response database for HCP customers, please contact us: 877-477-0977 or

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