What do our writers bring to the table? Ask our clients.

“I wanted to provide you with feedback on a Med Communications medical writer. Since she’s started, I’ve worked with her on standard response documents, medical information requests, and medical affairs materials. When she started, I was immediately impressed with the logic she applied to standard response content and medical information responses. She was a natural and I partly attributed that to clinical experience. As I worked with her on the update of the AMCP dossier, it was clear that she also had a strategic lens and was able to discern critical inclusions as well as practical solutions to lead and complete the update with as little impact to the team (time) as possible. She seems to naturally filter out unnecessary information, which is a skill that I have seen just about all new people struggle with, but it seems to come more naturally to her. More recently I have worked with her on a couple writing assets and I continue to be impressed. Without my prompting, she picked up on errors and improvements that even other seasoned writers would not pick up on. She not only has a keen attention to detail, but she also applies literal thinking to ensure proper interpretation of claims and statements. I’ve worked with and directly mentored many writers over the 20 years I’ve been here, and she is one of the finest. She jumps right into new things and isn’t afraid to try things on her own, speak up, disagree, and offer suggestions. I love working with her!” 

―Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Med Communications’ writing team comprises primarily PharmDs and PhDs who are skilled in creating scientific expertise content for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Our writers regularly create, update, and review a variety of materials for our clients, including:

  • Standard response documents
  • Dossiers
  • Slide decks
  • Promotional materials
  • Professional meeting materials
  • Regulatory submissions for scientific journals

Whether you need help with a small slide deck or a 200-page dossier, our writers will exceed your expectations. Contact us at 877-477-0977 or to learn more.

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