The Role of a Medical Information Assistant at Med Communications

An important team member who works closely with the Medical Information Specialist (MIS) in the call center at Med Communications is the Medical Information Assistant (MIA). While they are friendly, professional, and accurate, just like the MISs, the MIAs have a different role and are often the first contact for callers into the call center. The MIAs answer the call to identify the nature of the request, collect demographic data, input it into the call center system, then they transfer the call to the MIS, who can then handle the scientific questions being asked. With our state-of-the-art software in the call center, callers do not need to repeat their information. Like the MISs, the MIAs may cover multiple clients to provide flexibility and cost-savings.

Depending on the client and service provided, MIAs may provide a higher level of service and responsibilities. For instance, one of our clients has a mobile application popular with patients that allows them to check the authenticity of the medications they have purchased. At Med Communications, we provide support for patients having technological issues with the mobile application on their phone or electronic device. The service is provided by MIAs, who also triage the requests. The MIAs first attempt to troubleshoot the issue to get the application to work, but if patients do not have a smart phone or have an outdated one that doesn’t support it, the MIAs can help the patients authenticate their medications.

While not a part of all medical information call centers, the Medical Information Assistants at Med Communications play a vital role in our call center operations.

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