Transform Your Standard Response Into an Interactive Journey

Standard responses (SRs) are reactive documents that are frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry to reply to unsolicited medical inquiries from health care professionals (HCPs). SRs provide fair, balanced, accurate, useful information, and are created in accordance with all applicable legal, regulatory, and company guidelines.

SRs can be long, dry, highly detailed documents. But they don’t have to be!

What Does Med Communications Do Differently?

We can give life to your SRs by transforming them into an insightful and interactive experience.

In most cases, SRs are static documents with data presented in paragraph form. Interactive SRs allow the reader to interact and click through the document, making the data extremely easy to navigate and digest. Interactive buttons offer a personalized flow by providing links to the relevant topics, which permits the HCP to quickly find and absorb the information they need.

Interactive SRs are created as PDFs, which are accessible to most HCPs using free, readily available software, and are viewable either online or offline. This allows for an enjoyable, efficient experience for the reader.

Interactive SRs are usually used reactively, and do not include the brand logo, colors, or fonts. Boundaries are defined by regulatory body guidelines.

Why Should You Choose an Interactive SR?

There are many advantages of interactive SRs over static SRs:

  • Easy to navigate and read
  • Autonomous and quick data analysis
  • Visually appealing
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Agile tool for Medical Affairs Personnel to use in face-to-face interactions with HCPs when reactively responding to questions
  • Upgraded and enriched experience for the reader

Where Can Med Communications Help?

Our skilled medical writers create interactive SRs in conjunction with a graphic designer. The medical writers compile the information, ensuring the content is accurate and balanced, while the graphic designers build the interactive aspect to make the document visually appealing. The content and functionality of the interactive SRs are always validated by medically trained personnel before providing to the client.

We can create interactive SRs from scratch, or we can help you revamp your current SRs with a new look and functionality.