Partner with us to strengthen your Agile Pod process

Promotional review is traditionally accomplished by utilizing groups of professionals that meet a few times per week to review assets. It generally takes several weeks to approve an asset, and sometimes less complex assets such as email correspondence, banners, brochures, and journal ads can become deprioritized while the team focuses on larger assets. The Agile Pod promotional review process helps ensure these pieces receive the attention they deserve.

An Agile Pod works in sprints, set lengths of time devoted to creating and approving smaller promotional assets. A new sprint starts immediately after the conclusion of the previous sprint. All the work necessary to achieve asset approval, including review and live meetings, occurs within the designated timeframe.

Med Communications assisted a large pharmaceutical client who needed support with promotional review deliverables across various therapeutic areas and products. Our skilled professionals served as medical reviewers on the client’s Agile Pod team, which freed the client to continue having larger in-depth discussions on their traditional promotional review teams while our team handled the review, discussion, and approval of less complex assets.

This project is summarized in greater detail in a case study. For more information on how Med Communications can help your company implement a component authoring platform, contact us: 877-477-0977 or

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