Our scientific content is “good right out of the box”

“The scientific content written by the Med Communications team was good right out of the box, needing minimal revision, which decreased the amount of time from the beginning of the project until delivery.” —Small Pharma Company

Med Communications employs a team of expert scientific communicators, consisting primarily of PharmDs and PhDs, with experience in the following areas:

  • Standard responses
  • Publications writing
  • Slide deck development and review
  • FAQ development
  • AMCP formulary dossier and global value dossier development and maintenance
  • FAQ development
  • AHRQ and compendia submissions
  • Infographic creation
  • SOP content development
  • Formulary kits
  • Clinical executive summary development and maintenance
  • Dear Health Care Provider letters
  • Data on File packet development and maintenance
  • Sales training materials creation, review, and delivery
  • Scientific content translation
  • Drug monograph creation
  • Managed care writing services

Our seasoned writers and reviewers deliver high-quality, balanced scientific documents for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries, and take pride in meeting client deadlines. Our clients also benefit from the watchful eyes of our team of editors, who ensure clarity and consistency across client documents, adherence to established style and format, and proper grammar and punctuation.

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