Our reviewers help you deliver effective, compliant promotional materials

During the promotional review process, reviewers evaluate written, audio, and video marketing materials for accuracy of information presented and for compliance with regulatory requirements. They ensure that all claims made about the drug are supported by substantial evidence from clinical trials that have been submitted to the FDA. Reviewers will also make sure that all efficacy claims are balanced by appropriate safety information.

Reviewers ensure that any adverse effects included in promotional materials are accurate representations of those reported during the clinical trials. They also verify whether any new or unexpected side effects should be added.

The balance between regulatory compliance and the need for effective promotional materials is a delicate one, but it can be achieved with the right medical promotional review services.

Our effective review service will provide you with a group of experienced reviewers who will work collaboratively to ensure that your materials are compliant, comprehensive, and engaging. An expert reviewer will know what to look for in your materials and will be able to provide actionable advice that helps you make necessary changes without sacrificing the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

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