Improve efficiency and consistency with a company style guide

The editor’s desk is usually the last stop in the medical writing process. Editors review the text to ensure the document is clear and concise, with no ambiguous passages or embarrassing typos. But Med Communications’ editors also provide helpful support in the early stages of document creation, through services such as style guide creation and management.

Style guides can encompass such items as document formatting, referencing styles, types of clinical data to include, and grammatical guidelines. These guides can be short and simple or complex, exceptionally detailed, and lengthy. For larger companies with many writers, a detailed guide is helpful for ensuring consistency within and across multiple brands. For smaller companies with one or two writers, a basic guide may suffice.

If your company does not already have a style guide, creating one will help streamline the writing and revision process. If a company style guide is already in use, our editors can ensure it is up to date, easy to use, and aligned with any applicable external style guides. Med Communications also offers related services, such as the creation of checklists for use by both writers and editors to help ensure compliance with the style guide and software SOPs to help writers with more complex formatting tasks.

If you need assistance creating a style guide from scratch or would like help updating and streamlining your existing guide, our editorial professionals are glad to assist. Contact us at 877-477-0977 or to learn more.

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