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FAQs are brief documents used by medical information contact centers or other field medical personnel (e.g., medical science liaisons) to provide quick and accurate verbal responses to unsolicited medical information requests from healthcare providers and consumers. More recently, these documents have also been used to support self-service medical information interfaces such as portals and chatbots.

Med Communications’ scientific content team develops content for FAQs. FAQs must contain scientifically accurate and balanced information, devoid of potential influence from sales or marketing. Relevant information from the prescribing information may also be included in the FAQ. When appropriate, literature searches may be performed in the course of developing FAQ content, with pertinent results summarized for inclusion. To comply with regulatory requirements, FAQs must be narrow in scope and provide a succinct response specifically tailored to commonly encountered requests.

In addition to creating new FAQs, Med Communications’ scientific content team periodically reviews existing FAQs to evaluate whether updates are warranted. Revisions to FAQs may be needed based on:

  • Prescribing information changes
  • Publication of new, relevant information
  • Heavy media coverage
  • Presentations, posters, and abstracts from major meetings, conferences, and congresses
  • Schedule (e.g., annually, at another specified time interval)

When additional information outside of the scope of the FAQ is requested, a more detailed, written standard response or custom response may be provided.

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