A Case Study: Seasonal Flexibility

Med Communications has many happy clients, and in our series of case studies, we’ll be talking about some of our long-term clients, the challenges we face alongside them, and how we help them be more efficient, increase the quality of their calls and documents, and use the efficiency and the scalability we offer to meet their budgetary needs.

This case study focuses on a Top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer who required a contact center that could handle fluctuating call volumes with seasonal products on an annual basis.

Read our case study below for more information.

Seasonal Flexibility Provides Call Center Support Only When Needed

A shared staffing model, scalable call center support, and high quality services have kept this client relationship for more than 10 years


Client: Top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer

Med Communications signed the first contract with this client for call center services for medical information in 2005 and have continued to provide their call center needs for more than 10 years.

The call center provides medical information request responses and intake and processing of adverse events and product complaints from health care providers and consumers. Fulfillment includes verbal, email, fax, and mail. After-hours support provides callers with answers to their questions 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.


In the beginning, Med Communications supported a small portfolio of the company’s products. Over the years, this client steadily increased product coverage to their entire range of products marketed in the US.

Because some of the major products are seasonal in nature, staffing is scaled up during the “on” seasons and scaled down during the “off” months.


Staffing with Medical Inquiry Specialist health care professionals in a shared model allows the scalability and flexibility to ramp up support for the client’s products when they are in season and not devote resources to the client when there are no calls about their products.

Business Impact

The client reports better performance in quality audits, higher customer satisfaction scores, and reduced overall costs compared to their previous outsourcing partner.