A Case Study: Rare Disease Launch

Med Communications has many happy clients, and in our series of case studies, we’ll be talking about some of our long-term clients, the challenges we face alongside them, and how we help them be more efficient, increase the quality of their calls and documents, and use the efficiency and the scalability we offer to meet their budgetary needs.

This case study focuses on a biotech client with US and global launch plans under an Emergency Use Authorization.

Read our case study below for more information.

Expertise in Rare Disease Provides for Seamless Call Center Implementation and Product Launch

White glove service and an experienced team take care of essential tasks, allowing clients to get more done during a busy launch.


Client: Small rare disease biopharmaceutical client.

This small company needed a call center and assistance with a new launch for a rare disease product. They had a limited budget, a small Med Affairs team of 2, and only a partial understanding of all the call center elements involved in launching a product in the rare disease space.


While the client knew they needed to implement a call center before their first product launch, they did not know just how much work over how many weeks and months it would take. Med Communications had the expertise and tools to fill in the gaps in the client’s knowledge and the resources to ensure all elements of the call center were completed on time and compliant per the FDA.


Medical Information Call Center

Because Med Communications specializes in small pharma companies in the rare disease space, we know their needs. The Call Center Director chose a highly trained team headed by a Team Lead who specialized in rare disease call center experience and who has launched multiple products.

Understanding the complexity of rare disease products, the team of call center agents supporting this project were primarily pharmacists who also had rare disease knowledge. While being a shared model to reduce costs, it included fewer clients, allowing them to focus on this client and optimize their product knowledge.

For our small clients, the Implementation Manager provides consulting and guidance as well as oversight over the implementation of the call center functions. The support provided by this team was flexible and efficient, closely monitoring and mirroring the needs of the client organization. The Team Lead acted as an expert on the client’s company and products. Clients anticipating their first product launch often have limited internal infrastructure, so Med Communications was ready to onboard medical writers and promotional review support teams when the client was in need of additional services.

Business Impact

Because of the experience and expertise of the Med Communications team, the call center implementation was completed well before the call center go-live goal. This allowed the head of the client’s Med Affairs team to focus on other needed Med Affairs projects while the Med Communications implementation teams completed necessary, time-consuming call center preparation activities such as drafting standard operating procedures (SOPs), work orders, and handling guides and setting up interactive voice responses (IVRs) and the medical information database. The biggest impact for the client was having the peace of mind that their call center was being set up and staffed by experts who understand call center, rare disease, and products launches, and the reassurance that no detail was missed.