Med Communications is excited to announce that Ellen Whipple will be presenting on medical writing and standard response best practices at DIA – Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications 2016 Annual Forum during Session 2 of the Core Curriculum: The Fundamentals of Medical Communications. The Core Curriculum sessions start on Sunday, March 20, with Session 2 taking place after lunch (12:45-2:30). The DIA-MSC website lists that session as covering “medical writing, scientific congress support, and collaborations with medical science liaisons.” Ellen will be one of three speakers, and her focus will be medical writing. This is her third year sharing her knowledge and experience with those new to pharmaceutical industry-based medical communications.

We’re proud to have her represent the company; her knowledge and experience are an asset to Med Communications and the industry.  Ellen has been working for Med Communications as a Senior Medical Information Specialist-Oncology for our client AstraZeneca for the past 6+ years. We all know her for her Southern hospitality and positive demeanor, so we know attendees will come away excited to use her advice, tools, and best practices for medical writing.