Clarify complex data with infographics

Infographics may appear simple, but those little images lift a data-heavy load. Infographics are a visual representation of data, and an effective tool to present key information to an audience in a clear, concise way. They typically combine different graphic elements such as images, icons charts, and diagrams with minimal text to convey “bite-sized” pieces of information in a matter that facilitates and enhances comprehension. They are an efficient way to present key medical and scientific data to health care professionals (HCPs).

Infographics are often used in reactive or proactive documents by Medical Affairs personnel during face-to-face interactions with HCPs. They are also used in medical information documents such as standard response letters to respond to unsolicited medical and product inquiries from HCPs. Infographics should be created in accordance with applicable legal, regulatory, and company guidelines, and must provide fair, balanced, accurate, and useful information.

The process of creating a compelling story using scientific data can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! At Med Communications, we create infographics that give life to your scientific content by transforming it into an insightful and visually appealing experience. Our team of highly skilled scientific content writers and graphic illustrators work together to create quality infographics using clinical study data and pharmaceutical product information, which can be re-used across multiple medical information deliverables. Infographics can be delivered in different formats, such as JPEG images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, or Acrobat Adobe PDF files, to ensure that HCPs and other stakeholders are able to access your information via readily available software, online or offline.

The appeal of infographics is understandable when you consider their many benefits. Infographics are:

  • Easy to read and digest
  • Visually appealing and engaging
  • Clear, concise visual representations of complex data
  • Time-saving tools during face-to-face interactions with HCPs
  • Effective leave-behinds after HCP interactions

Our scientific content writers create infographics from scratch. They compile and analyze relevant medical and scientific data and ensure it is accurate and fair balanced by putting it through a detailed internal review before moving forward with the graphic design. An additional review of the completed infographic is conducted before final delivery to the client. Our intentional, detail-oriented approach to the entire creative process ensures that we receive minimal or no corrective feedback from clients.

Med Communications welcomes the chance to partner with you to create new infographics or revamp and update your existing infographics. We will ensure that your infographics convey your unique message specifically tailored to your target audience. Contact us today to learn more: 877-477-0977 or

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