No Project is too Big or too Small for our Medical Writing Team

At Med Communications, our services are flexible to meet your needs now and in the future. Our experienced and educated medical content development writers deliver high-quality scientific documents for our clients, and we pride ourselves on our on-time delivery. Whether you need help with one standard response letter or a whole database, we can scale up to help you get the job done.

If you need assistance with your manuscripts for scientific journals, formulary dossiers, slide decks, or promotional review, contact us: 877-477-0977 or

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No Project is too Big or too Small for our Pharmacovigilance Team

At Med Communications, our services are flexible to meet your needs now and in the future. Our highly qualified team of safety professionals adheres to good pharmacovigilance practices with timely regulatory screening and reporting of adverse events and product complaints. We can provide full-service pharmacovigilance services or specific services to add on to your company’s or other partner’s services, from medical reviews of cases to patient safety activities.

Not sure if your company or partner is covering all of the pharmacovigilance requirements in the US or around the world? Contact us to set up a call with our experienced pharmacovigilance professionals: 877-477-0977 or

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12th Annual DIA European Medical Information and Communications Conference

Program Committee Member and Chair of the Poster Session, Dr. Isha Bhattacharyya, VP Global Medical Services at Med Communications, discusses quality checks, use of E-permissions by MI, models for handling inquiries in specific areas including manufacturing, infographics, and the future of MI at the 12th Annual DIA European Medical Information and Communications Conference this year in Vienna, Austria.

AMCP Nexus: Preparing for the Next Generation of Care

AMCP Nexus is dedicated to bringing the many facets of managed care pharmacy and health care together to plan for the coming wave of changes in our work and our world. From emerging models of care and value-based care to trends impacting the business of managed care pharmacy, AMCP Nexus provides current, actionable knowledge to further our organization in an ever-changing profession. Med Communications is looking forward to seeing our colleagues in Orlando this year.

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Dr. Isha Bhattacharyya, Vice President, Global Medical Services

Dr. Isha Bhattacharyya has been promoted to Vice President, Global Medical Services for Med Communications. She has over 29 years of experience in global, multitherapeutic, and cross-functional team management in Medical Affairs. Dr. Bhattacharyya has worked in France, Japan, and the U.S. with a variety of pharmaceutical companies including Sanofi, Wyeth/ Pfizer, GSK, and Shire. She worked at Paraxel before joining Med Communications in 2013.

Dr. Bhattacharyya holds her Doctorate of Pharmacy from France’s University of Paris and earned a Certificate of Management from Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Isha has been instrumental in facilitating Med Communications’ global growth and operations, including the opening of the International office in Geneva, Switzerland and additional branch in Lisbon, Portugal.


Med Communications Continues Global Growth

Med Communications is pleased to announce the opening of its second European office in downtown Lisbon, Portugal on July 2, 2018.

The Lisbon office and staff provide Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance support to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries across Europe and North America.

“The opening of the Lisbon office, 3 years after the creation of our International headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, will allow our company to strengthen our presence in Europe and continue to provide exceptional service on a regional level”, said Andrew Scoggin, President of Med Communications International. “We want to thank our stakeholders for their trust and continued support as we grow on a global scale.”


Med Communications Celebrating 20 Years of Medical Affairs Services

For 20 years, Med Communications, Inc. has been a trusted partner, successfully providing medical affairs services to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers.

“During our current 20th year of business, we are experiencing impressive activity throughout the company.” said Dr. J. Allen Scoggin, president and CEO of Med Communications. “Our highly trained and experienced staff has distinctive skill sets with a commitment to service excellence in both the U.S. and internationally. Our client base and staff are at the highest levels in our history and continue to grow. We strive for the best in service quality, while maintaining competitive pricing.”

As global information experts with U.S. headquarters in Memphis, TN and international headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Med Communications provides our clients with targeted services on both a local and global level. As part of our mission, our focus is on building positive, long-term relationships with our clients and providing our employees a meaningful professional experience.

Med Communications is the premier resource for global medical affairs services. We are trusted by the world’s leading manufacturers for comprehensive, high-quality scientific resources and information. Our global services include medical information, scientific content development, pharmacovigilance, and commercial.


You are Invited to a Discussion of Med Communications’ 20 Years of Experience in Contact Call Centers at the Annual Bio/Pharma Contact Center Conference

Med Communications is exhibiting this week at the Annual Bio/Pharma Contact Center Conference in Philadelphia. Drs. Stacy Witham and Colleen Battaglini will be present and discussing our 20 years of experience in contact call center services.

Whether it’s providing HCPs with medical information or assisting patients throughout their treatment journey, the role of customer-facing teams has never been more important. At CBI’s conference, participants learn best practices and strategies for managing a diverse set of contact center responsibilities while navigating an evolving regulatory and consumer landscape. This conference provides a unique opportunity for bio/pharmaceutical contact centers to discuss the most pressing challenges in the field and gain important insights from industry leaders, as well as network and share lessons learned with peers. The program focuses on adapting contact centers for globalization and improving engagement and efficiency through the targeted implementation of new technologies and tools.


Med Communications Attending Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) 2018 Annual Meeting

Med Communications’ Dr. Christian Ionesco will be attending the Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) Annual Meeting February 12-13 to represent our Global Medical Affairs Services and our International Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) is the largest Life Sciences conference in Switzerland. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing biological sciences within the Swiss Academic Community, and to addressing the social, ethical, and economic issues raised by the rapid progress of the biomedical and life sciences. LS2 supports researchers by organizing events and workshops, distributes young investigator travel grants, reaches out to the public and its partner societies, and provides a network to foster scientific exchange.


DIA Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference 2018

Med Communications’ expert team of all-inclusive, complete regulatory solutions will be at booth 14 on January 22-24, 2018 at the DIA Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference.

Various objectives of this conference include leading the implementation of an integrated signal detection and management project, recognizing the advantages of various data visualization tools, identifying strengths and limitations of specific data sources and methods for signal detection and evaluation. Attendees will also focus on interpreting outputs from automated quantitative signal detection methods (data mining results), discuss setting up triage and prioritization procedures for safety signals, apply structurAd medical assessment to safety signal evaluation, and integrate safety signal management into overall risk management. This conference is an excellent opportunity to network with fellow colleagues as well.

Drs. Sharon Bathory and Stacy Witham will be present to discuss our professional staff’s extensive experience in pharmacovigilance and medical information. For the past 20 years, Med Communications has been a premiere resource for global medical affairs services. Trusted by the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers, we are the right partner and the right resource. Our global services include medical information, scientific content development, and pharmacovigilance.