The purpose of this fellowship is to develop a pharmacist with the skills and abilities to successfully practice as a medical or drug information pharmacist in the industry or academic setting and to serve as an adjunct faculty member precepting both student and resident pharmacists.

Our philosophy of fellowship training is to offer practical experiences to develop the medical information pharmacy professional. The mission of this program includes developing a core skill set in industry-based drug information, project-based research, team functioning, leadership development, and teaching. Although there is no accrediting body for medical information fellowships, we closely follow the recommendations of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) for the goals and objectives in a drug information training program.

For more information on the Fellowship Program at Med Communications, read our Med Comm 2016-2017 Fellowship Program brochure. For further questions, contact fellowship@medcomminc.com.

For more information on the career paths of some of our previous fellows, go to our Previous Fellows page.